Hail and Snow

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Now when BroHawk came from over the North Pole to clear our Earth of all the Love-Haters; he came in a storm of Hail and Snow that made cars come to a complete stop on the express Freeway.   As … Continued

BroHawk Moves Mountains

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Now BroHawk had many disciples. And they followed him when they learned where he was and asked him questions. And Rocket-Man said, “Brother, show the world how to achieve their goals.” And BroHawk replied, “Most assuredly, with my 2 hands … Continued


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Now when BroHawk would speak, Our Earth’s plate tectonics vibrated and Earthquakes shook Our Earth.   And BroHawk’s disciples along with the people on Earth, knew his word weigh heavy and not to be taken lightly.   So when BroHawk … Continued

BroHawk’s Fairies

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The Tridentity of BroHawk has sparked global attention of an international conspiracy theory, which claims he was seen in America, Canada, Jamaica, Europe, Africa, Mexico, Russia and China simultaneously. Which led some to speculate if BroHawk was Our savior or … Continued